Monday, March 7, 2011

REAL Ghostbusters featured on FRINGE last week!

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I have one very, very nerdy comment to make about the continuity of the episode, though.  I have loved the special changes with the Dc Comics characters (ie: Red Lantern) and a lot of the fun easter eggs that they've put in there, but I have to say that when Peter was in the toystore buying his toy airplane I noticed Kenner's Real Ghostbusters figures on the shelf.  I was, at first, thrilled because that was my favorite toyline from the 80s, but then I was quickly dismayed.  Ok, not really dismayed, but surprised at the lack of continuity.  This episode takes place in 1985, while the Kenner toyline didn't premiere until 1986.  Furthermore, the toys that were shown (the Water Zapper and Ecto 500) didn't premiere on shelves until at least 1988.  I know that I'm a nerd for even noticing this, but toys are one of my passions in life, so I have way too much useless knowledge on the subject!

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