Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our DST contest from early this year.....

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Hey all.  I wanted to take a moment to give a status update on our contest with Diamond Select Toys from November 2009.  A rep from DST contacted me back in late 2009 to run a contest with Ghostbusters prize packs.  Naturally, I accepted and assumed all would be well.  Unfortunately, through whatever circumstance, this rep left DST over the turn of the year and the prize packs were never sent to the five winners we selected.
I have since made contact with others from DST and been promised that the prize packs would be sent, but alas they still have not.  Its now six months later.  I hope to be able to resolve this with DST for the fans, but in the meantime I just wanted to let you all know what the situation was.  Its certainly not by my own choice and if it were up to me the fans would've had their loot many a month ago.  

Sorry for the mix-up.  Rest assured from now on we'll have any prizes in-hand before running a contest!

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